Also: All of this happened while I’ve been away <3 The Toronto show was AMAZING, I tell you what…

I have my videos from the show up on my YT channel: Dante’s opening set (!!!) is here, and what I managed to get of Peter’s set is here. Someday I’ll get around to posting my photos, too!

(These pics are from my Instagram.)


This happened today. LOL

Ummmmm, hi everybody! Welcome to my blog… that I haven’t updated in nearly a year… and for that I am ashamed…

I actually do have a bunch of quotes from vlogs and stuff written down that I need to make into graphics… I’m super behind on Monday Shows and stuff though (STILL - though I’m catching up!), so it’ll take me some time to put stuff together, but I DO want to say that I AM planning to make a return here! Especially since I currently have 214 (EDIT: 258 now. lmao) notifications from Tumblr on my phone right now, and I’m pretty sure they’re ALL from this blog… XD

So, uh… *waves* :-D

Well hai!

Very long time no post! The short & sweet version: I’m moving next weekend.  Life has been insane. Hope to be back soon. Miss you all!